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YogaBodyworkers: 10 Days of Personal Development for
Improving Movement Patterns through Ceremony, Science, & Yoga

Dates: November 3-12, 2017
Location: Stretch Yoga, London


YogaBodyworkers: 10 Days of Personal Development for
Improving Movement Patterns through Ceremony, Science, & Yoga

Dates: December 8-17, 2017
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

To register & to learn more info please contact:
@blisswellness (Chris)  – @aimyoga (Nick & Chester) –

YogaBodyworkers: 10 Days of Personal Development for
Improving Movement Patterns through Ceremony, Science, & Yoga

Dates: January 8-17, 2018
Location: Guangzhou, China

A Forrest Yoga Gathering : Self-Care Traditions of the Past, Present, & Future
Dates: March 5-8, 2018
Location: Pacifica Graduate Institute – Santa Barbara, CA

Join Erica Mather, Kristin Kiki Lovelace, Brian Campbell and Gregory Jamiel as we team up to bring you A Forrest Yoga Gathering and Retreat at Pacifica in California. Join us for this super special offering focused on SELF CARE traditions of the Past, Present, and Future.

YogaBodyworkers: 5 Days of Class Sequencing,
Hand’s on Assisting, & MyoFascial Bodywork Training

Dates: April 29 – May 3, 2018
Location: Shanghai, China

Daily Schedule:
9-12  Yoga Ceremony, Chanting, Calling of Directions, Q&A
12-1:30 Break
1:30-5:30 Afternoon training

This 5-day course is dedicated to energizing your healing hands as a Yoga Teacher and to enhance your artistry in sequencing yoga asana classes.

Each day you will be training your hand’s-on assisting skills, waking-up your Anatomy understanding and learning effective ways to work one-on-one with Yoga Students in Asanas. We will cover how to work with injuries to spinal vertebrae, scar-tissue, musculo-skleletal injuries, and common yoga “trouble-spots”.

You will be learning the Hand’s on Assists for: side bends, spinal twists, backbends, inversions, abdominal core work, hip-openers, forward bends and the inner-work secrets to masterful hand’s on assisting.

Each day you will receive a different class plan, including classes for low-back injuries, backbends, twists, inversions, and hip-openers. Class sequencing is based upon Forrest Yoga class planning and is designed to heal injuries, get you stronger, and take you safely, deeper into your practice.

Day 1: Twists
Day 2: Backbends
Day 3: Hip-Openers
Day 4: Inversions
Day 5: Therapeutic Low Back

This course is designed for Yoga Teachers, but serious Yoga Students will also benefit and are welcome to join.

Daily Outline:
9-12  Yoga Ceremony, Chanting, Calling of Directions, Q&A
9-9:30 Ceremony & Chanting
9:30-11:30 Forrest Yoga Asana Ceremony
11:30-12 Q&A
12-1:30 Break
1:30-5:30 Afternoon training
1:30-2  Anatomy of Asana & Class Sequencing
2-4:30  Hand’s on Assisting Training
4:30-5:30 Asana Sequencing Training

Contact: Duoduo at WeChat ID: duoduo619028

Forrest Yoga: 3 Days of Anatomy for Yoga Teachers
Dates: May 16-18, 2018
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

This 3-Day course teaches you to know your anatomy by directly experiencing it in your own body. We will be covering all major systems of the body: Skeletal, Muscular, Connective Tissue, Circulatory, Respiratory, Nervous, Lymphatic systems and how the relate to what we are doing with the body in a Forrest Yoga Class. And how we can use class sequencing to effectively work with different systems.

This course is the required Anatomy course for the Forrest Yoga Foundational Teacher Training. It is also open to the general public.


YogaBodyworkers: 5 Days of Unwinding Breath Patterns through the sub-systems
Unwinding Sub-system patterns through the Breath

Dates: May 19-23, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, California

Forrest Yoga Guardians Brian Campbell and Jambo Truong are taking a small group to a deeper level of understanding dysfunctional movement patterns and how to both see and treat symptoms by working on restrictions observed in the movement of Internal Abdominal Pressure I.A.P. during breathing.

Each day of this 5-Day course begins with 3 hours of Ceremony, Chanting, & Forrest Yoga and is followed in the afternoons with 4 hours of training in seeing relationship patterns and the appropriate bodywork protocols.

This is an advanced course in a small private setting limited to 12 people. Application for course must be confirmed and approved before confirmation of Registration.


YogaBodyworkers: 5 Days Observing the Landscape
Dates: May 29 – June 2, 2018
Location: Washington D.C.

Join Forrest Yoga Guardians Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell for this 5 Day Yoga Bodyworkers Training. In this training, you’ll learn assessment techniques are easily understood for practitioners from any tradition of Bodywork or Yoga. No previous training in Yoga or Bodywork needed to participate!

This course is taught through the lens of Yoga. Every morning we will “feel” our day’s subject in a 2.5 hour Forrest Yoga class. The afternoon sessions are designed to give you effective skills in:

•Working with injuries
•Seeing & understanding Anatomical Relationships
•Myofascial Bodywork, Muscle Testing, & Muscle Activation Techniques
•Giving & receiving Bodywork
•Seeing & running energy

Use these assessment techniques to create your own method of translating prescriptive bodywork that is effective to relieve pain, compression, and hyper-mobility. This program will enable you to confidently create Beauty Bodywork sequences that are intuitive, from the heart, and re-assuring to your learning processes!

This training will cover completely new material outside of the 10-Day Yoga Bodyworkers Training! Some things to look forward to in this training: Everything you EVER need to know about Reflexology, Muscles of inhalation & exhalation- bodywork to improve all stages of breathing, Cranial Skills Part 1, Knee Injuries.

Personal Investment: $1000

Forrest Yoga 8 Day Mentorship Program
Dates: July 3-10, 2018
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

YogaBodyworkers: 5 Days of Hands on Bodywork & Learning new ways to
Modify Yoga Poses for Injuries to the Neck, Shoulders, Low Back, Hip, & Knees

Dates: September 19-23, 2018
Location: Shanghai, China

YogaBodyworkers: 10 Days of Personal Development for
Improving Movement Patterns through Ceremony, Science, & Yoga
Dates: October 15-24, 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany

Location: Eden Studios, Breite Str. 43, 13187 Berlin
Tuition: Early Bird: 1997 € (ends 3 months before the start of the training)
Regular price: 2550 €.