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For Yoga Teachers

The entire course is taught through the lens of Yoga. Every morning we will “feel” our day’s subject in a 2.5 hour Forrest Yoga class. The afternoon training programs are designed to give yoga teachers more skill in working with injuries, “seeing” & understanding Anatomy Relationships, and give them new tools in hand’s on Myo-Fascial bodywork all done on yoga mats.

For Yoga Students

No previous teaching experience is required to take this course. Yoga students will get strong and bodily educated in the morning yoga intensives. In the afternoons you will learn effective ways of enhancing your current practice through muscle testing & activation, anatomical insight, and hands-on work bodywork addressing the primary structural muscles of the body.

For Bodyworkers

Bodyworkers will gain insight by seeing this entire Hand’s-on MyoFascial based system taught through lens of yoga. You will learn to see, touch, and feel within another with bodywork and yourself with yoga the musculo-fascial-skeletal system. In the afternoon you will be receiving as well as giving MyoFascial Bodywork.